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Our Story 

We are a team of enthusiastic and experienced scuba diving instructors with the passion of teaching and exploring the ocean.Our dream came true when we met and decided to start a dive center in Chennai 4 years ago. 

Thus Salty Bone Divers is an extension to our dream of imparting knowledge about diving and creating awareness about our ocean surroundings, marine conversation and Love for Scuba Diving

our team

Meenal Bhandari

Professional photographer turned Scuba diver. She discovered her interest in diving 8 years ago and never stopped since then. Her spiritual connection with the aquatic life encouraged her to become a dive professional 6 years ago in Bali. With around 1500 dives she is the heart of Salty Bone Divers. aka MANDY

Padi Instructor


A Diver by Profession has over 13 years of teaching experience and more than 500+ students certified. Little bit funny (according to him) but mostly serious while teaching. aka PANI KA DON

SSI Dive master Instructor 

Padi Instructor

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