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My First Diving Gear

I get this question a lot, where people /students ask me which dive gear he/she should invest in the beginning

My answer to them is very simple, get a Mask. Unless and until we are not able to see the beauty of the underwater world clearly and satisfyingly we will not be able to appreciate it. Dive mask are cheapest diving equipment that you can invest in. Dive centers provide you the basic masks during training that fits majority of shapes and sizes, but often they are not as comfortable.

There are wide range of mask available in the market for divers, it does not mean that the best one for you the most expensive one. A mask should fit your face properly and you should be comfortable wearing them without any leaks. Most of the time student divers go for the expensive masks and are not happy with the fit. Always try out a mask before you buy, cause it is the first step in experiencing the Wonders of the World.

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