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Lot of people will be wondering about the difference between PADI and SSI .

Well to be honest, the difference is like Nike and Addidas. Both are running shoes it’s just the matter of preference. Like I mentioned above by giving the example of running shoes, PADI (Professional association of diving Instructor) and SSI ( Scuba school International) are par with each other. If is there is a difference it for the dive professionals and not for the student diver. As a student diver you should focus on which instructor or dive school will provide you the best training rather than which organisation you are getting certified under. If you are trained well then irrespective of your shoe you will be able to complete the marathon successfully.

So if you ask me choose your coach/instructor wisely and do not scratch your head over choosing which organisation. With both PADI and SSI certification you can dive anywhere in the world and with any dive center.

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